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Meet the Doctor

Being an orthodontist is a great honor and a great responsibility.

Orthodontic treatment is a big milestone for many people; having the opportunity to be part of the process, to be a partner during this pivotal and life-changing time, is a true privilege.

As an orthodontic specialist, I have an obligation to stay on the leading edge of what treatment can do for patients. I want to give every single patient the best treatment experience and the best result. To do that requires my commitment to the art and science of the specialty, as well as to customer service: I am 100% dedicated to both.

I respect my patients’ individuality and enjoy getting to know them personally. Of course, my team and I want to achieve an excellent smile that the patient is proud to share, but we also want them to know we care about them as a person. If they have specific concerns about their teeth or what treatment will involved, we want to know about those.

Learning who the person is, beyond their clinical situation, leads to a positive treatment experience, the best result, and forms a bond between the patient, their family, my team, and me.


  • JJ Pearce High School, 1979
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, graduated Summa Cum Laude, Texas Tech University, 1983
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Baylor College of Dentistry, 1987
  • Orthodontic Residency, Louisiana State University Department of Orthodontics, 1989

Dental school, and then orthodontic residency, were rigorous, wonderful experiences. I completed both with a strong fundamental understanding of the biomechanics of tooth movement, as well as proven methodologies for achieving stable, aesthetically-pleasing results.

Orthodontics, though, is an ever-advancing specialty. The best way to stay current on new technologies and techniques is through continuing education. While I do take some online courses, my preference is to attend meetings, lectures, and seminars where I learn in a hands-on environment.

The LSU Orthodontic Department is one of the leading orthodontic programs in the country. Each year I take continuing education courses through them to constantly improve. The goal is to be the best I can be–for the benefit of my patients.

I have also completed one-on-one, individual courses with Invisalign® instructors. Orthodontic treatment with aligners is a developing area in orthodontics, and continuing education is the only way to stay up to date.

Professional Memberships

  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • Southwest Society of Orthodontists
  • Texas Association of Orthodontists
  • LSU Orthodontic Alumni

Beyond the Practice

After growing up in Richardson, I settled in Frisco about 25 years ago. My wife Shelly and I were married in 1995. She’s a Texas A&M graduate, the best wife ever, and the best Pilates trainer, too.

Our daughter, Anna, chose to attend UTD. She is majoring in neuroscience and doing a great job! She loves learning, is a great musician, and is happy to attend a great school while still being close by.

Our family attends Preston Meadow Lutheran Church, here in the neighborhood. The three of us are close-knit and enjoy our time together, whether at an organized event or just hanging out.

My passion, outside of family and creating smiles, is for old cars. I love the muscle car era of the 60s and 70s: I have liked them for many years and think I always will. There are many car shows in the area and I go to as many as I can. It’s just good clean fun!

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